Guitar Rags & Country Ballads

Mike T. Kerr

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I want to thank just about everyone in my life, the journey that led to the creation of this album was touched by so many, and then the creation of it itself bolstered by an amazing body of musicians, inspirations, and friends.

Thank you to the amazing team of talent that contributed to the making of this album. To my endlessly supportive family, to the artists I get to play with who inspire me in their dedication to make what they want, to my teachers and mentors, my colleagues out here on the road, the Halifax Folklore Centre, Bearly’s House of Blues & Ribs, to Emma Jane, James Sanderson, Howling Giant, and the good Lord above.

This album is dedicated to the fond memory of my grandmother, Rita (Whalen) Kerr. credits released July 1, 2018

Mike T. Kerr: Vocals, guitars, bass Sarah Frank: Fiddle, vocals Luke Fraser: Mandolin, vocals

Anna Wedlock: violin on Track 2, 6 Stephen MacNeil: bass on Track 6

All songs written by Mike T. Kerr except Track 2 (Big Bill Broonzy) & Track 6 (Charlie Parker) Track 9 features the licks and melodies of Blind Blake, Victoria Spivey, and Rev. Gary Davis- arranged by Mike T Kerr.

Produced by Emma Jane Julien, Dylan Jewers, and Felicity Frank Fraser Art direction by Emma Jane Julien Cover artwork made by Susan Kendal Engineered at New Scotland Yard (Dartmouth, NS) by Thomas Stajcer Mixed by Kim Wheeler Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound

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